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In Canada, the Métis are a recognized ethnic group of mixed European and First Nation descent, who have status in the law similar to that of First Nations.

Terms such as mulatto for people of partially African descent and mestizo for people of partially Native American descent are still used by English-speaking people of the western hemisphere, but mostly when referring to the past or to the demography of Latin America and its diasporic population.

Half-breed is a historic term that referred to people of partial Native American ancestry; it is now considered pejorative and discouraged from use.

Mestee, once widely used, is now used mostly for members of historically mixed-race groups, such as Louisiana Creoles, Melungeons, Redbones, Brass Ankles and Mayles.

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The options and the consequences and benefits, ie their knowledge of the situation they are or may find them selves in.

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It should improve the quality of management decision making by ensuring reliable and secure information and data is available at all stages of the decision making process.

The development of binary thinking about race meant that African Americans, a high proportion of whom have also had European ancestry, were classified as black.

Many Americans today are multi-racial without knowing it.

Individuals of multiracial backgrounds make up a significant portion of the population in many parts of the world.

That in turn relies heavily on their understanding of the situation.

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