Withings scale not updating nicky hilton dating 2016

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Withings scale not updating

Whitings and Breeze are displaying the same (and correct) step data, given the fact that ALL these data do not come from a device but from the M7 step build into the iphone 5s, it is very hard to understand why the apple health app does not get the step count right. Today's steps are consistent in UP app, however there are soo many data points, I can't even get the Show All Data section to open. Is there a way to wipe all step data points from the Health app?

Only the Whitings app is allowed to write step data to apple health, so unless something in that transfer is wrong, the problem should also not be due to multiple step data from more than one app that would hit the apple health app. My step count while being 11000 for the day, shows somewhere between 30*35 thousands.

Before we get too far – to be clear Withings sent over both scales for me to try out (Body & Body Cardio). I’ve got both the Withings Body Cardio and Withings Body Scales, but we’ll start with the Withings Body Cardio unboxing first.I've turned on sharing in both applications, then turned it off and on again several times.Withings support says they are looking into the issue.And next to that button is the micro-USB port for charging the scale, which you’ll basically have to do once per year or so.You’ll notice if you flip the scale over there are no feet on it (which is incredibly unusual for a scale).

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