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Who is reichen dating

Entertainment Weekly and touched upon the possible cultural significance of the series.EW reflected on the outrage that some in the LGBT community have expressed about the image of gay men the series projects, answering that criticism by noting that other reality series including The Real Housewives franchise are not viewed with the expectation that its participants are representative of the class as a whole.Austin and Jake discuss meeting with an immigration lawyer they contacted through Ryan but don't make the meeting, with Austin claiming to Ryan that he and Jake got into a fistfight the night before.Mike does a photo shoot to benefit cancer patients.On the Island, Austin's antics lead to another clash with Derek and TJ.Reichen decides to hold a model search for a "co-pilot" to represent his jewelry line. Ryan and Rodiney go shopping and Rodiney tearfully confesses that he searched Raichen's phone and discovered texts that he believes prove Reichen cheated on him.His dad Tony flies in for Pride and they reflect on their relationship. When Austin shows up at Derek's party, he, Ryan, Derek and TJ have an altercation.

The season picked up several months after where the first season left off.

He also sets about rekindling his romantic relationship with Reichen.

The boys all turn out for Reichen's debut; he is proud of his performance but less pleased with the bad reviews he receives.

The guys are shocked to learn that Austin has been keeping his boyfriend of two years a secret and that they are engaged.

Ryan decides to make Austin his "project" by serving as a mentor.

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Reichen and Austin go out to dinner and Reichen wonders if it's a date.