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Who is jessica from true blood dating

They begin to talk about what they would do if they survive this.James says that he would visit his father and tell him what a good man he is.James tells her she has given him a reason to live now but then asks her how she got the guard to bring him to her and she says she doesn't feel it's the time or place to talk about it and James agrees they may not have much time left so he doesn't want her spending it looking back.

Later Violet, Jessica, Willa, Tara, and Pam were also found to know that Hepatitis V is in the Tru Blood and Jessica reveals to all vampires present that they are going to meet the sun.

Steve tries to introduce himself but James says he knows who he is.

Steve admits he hasn't been this unpopular since he was in 8th grade and tells James about his very horrible battles with bullies in school.

Jessica screams for it to stop and says they will do as they are told.

She begins taking off her clothes and tells him that it will seem like she is a virgin, but she isn't. Sarah has him burned over and over, before telling the guards to take both subjects back to their cells.

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As Steve is about to drink the Tru Blood James takes pity on him telling him not to drink it because it is contaminated.

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