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Hayley’s all siblings are from her mother’s other marriages.Dave Steunebrink and Richard Williams Hayley was found by the above two managers and was immediately signed for a two-year production deal.Capricorn Meridian, Mississippi, USAFranklin, Tennessee, USAWilliams has attended some school in Mississippi, where she was born.

Hayley Williams is an American born singer, songwriter, and musician.Hayley is also a lead vocalist for the Rock band Paramore.Beyond her musical career, Hayley has business interests in a cosmetic line which manufactures beauty products, ranging from hair dyes to makeup products.At the time the band released their debut album Through the over 13-year lifespan of Paramore, the group has had its fair share of ups and downs, its various configurations down the years have however managed to retain one trait – incredible musical cohesion.For a fan who is unaware of the seeming continuous upheavals behind the scenes, the musical output has remained true to the group’s unique alternative rock sound.

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She has two younger half-sisters from her parent’s divorce.

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