What is three minute dating

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What is three minute dating

attend a Valentine’s Day-themed speed dating event.

The fastest I’ve ever moved was running away from the bouquet toss at my cousin’s wedding., Katherine Heigl in, like, 90 percent of her movies.I want something worth rushing through an airport for, something you want to scream from the rooftops. The first person I speak to is an IT manager from Brooklyn with sweaty hands and a kind smile. Just as I was beginning to hear about the perils of managing a company’s computer network, the bell rings and we have to part ways.I didn’t shake his hand when it was time to switch. Some men cut right to the chase and either asked me to marry them.Others, noting Valentine's Day looming just a few days ahead, asked very casually what I was doing on the 14th.

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Before the event begins, I catch up with Amy Van Doran, the CEO and Founder of the matchmaking service Modern Love Club to prepare myself for the evening.