Western bowie dating

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Western bowie dating

For further info Google: "Bill Bagwell" or "Bagwell Bowie" Re: SOF magazine article c.1987 April issue Rocky, Thanks for compiling this data and putting it into the chart that you've provided.I believe that it provides a fairly accurate chronology of the Western W49 Bowie. And you are spot-on when you allude to "gray areas." Boy, I'll say! Ron, Thanks for all the Western Bowie related info, catalog links, etc.What really happens is that some user or collector happens to notice that a change has occurred.Just remember, some of the info I have is set in concrete, while other info is set in Jello.Across various knife forums and websites, I have seen the variations referred to as being a “Type X”, a “Generation X” or a “Version X” where the “X” is some single digit integer, generally between 1 and 6, depending on who made the reference based on whatever information they had at the time.In compiling this information, however, I have broken the knives into significantly more version designations, based on manufacturer’s stamps, construction, dates of construction, etc. At first only a jobbing business, by 1920 construction and machinery purchases were underway to begin manufacture of knives.

Any dates I have assigned to a variant are based on the best information I have at this time, as gleaned from books, advertisements, anecdotal evidence (stories) and SWAGs. In the case of a dual year designation, e.g., 73/74, what is known is that different info sources will list different dates.

This method is to ensure that the right pictures get put in the right posts.

Also, some of the knives are "temporarily misplaced", hiding in the wrong tubs.

If it is legible and anyone can fill in any blanks or dispute any of the data, I am receptive to discussion. It was also the last year that Western manufactured their knives in Boulder, Colorado. To the best of my knowledge the 4th variant would have the larger pins and would be guard marked similar to the 3rd variant. So their history is rather murky, to say the least.

The exception being that instead of the word Bowie on the pile side it would say "W49." I also believe that the guard marked "W49's" would have been made during the 1970's but prior to 1977 when the alphabetical date code started. I have attempted to research these Western knives, of late, and, to be honest with you, the the deeper I dig the more confused I get. Here is the best that I can find as far as their tang stamping is concerned...

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“Stock on hand” will extend “sales dates” by months or even years.

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