Wels lutheran dating

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Wels lutheran dating

Commemorations are for individuals or events which have been noteworthy in the life of the Church and in the history of Lutheranism in particular.

These days do not take precedence over any other festival day, and if there is a conflict between a commemoration and a festival of any other rank, the commemoration is generally transferred to the next open weekday.

For the Ascension which, falling on fortieth day of Easter, will always be on a Thursday, the festival is sometimes transferred to the Seventh Sunday of Easter in addition to or in place of the normal part of the Easter festival for that day.

There is another type of day which, while not a festival, is considered to be equal with a festival.

The Lutheran calendar operates on two different cycles: the Temporal Cycle and the Sanctoral Cycle.

The Temporal Cycle pivots on the festivals of Christmas and Easter.

The principle of the Church of Sweden is that the Annunciation is celebrated on the Sunday between 21–27 March; although, should Good Friday or any other day of Holy Week, or Easter Sunday or Monday respectively, fall on 25 March, Annunciation is moved to the Sunday before Palm Sunday.

(For instance, in 2003 Annunciation was celebrated on 13 March; 2008 (when Easter Sunday was 23 March) it was celebrated on the 9th.) One unique feature of the ELCA calendar is that it has given congregations the options of two dates for the Transfiguration.

The Annunciation was transferred to March 28, or the second day of Easter, to make room for Good Friday.

This is abrogated for patronal festivals (that is, the day commemorating the saint or event for which a congregation is named) provided that they do not take place in Lent, Advent, or Easter, in which case they must also be transferred to the next convenient weekday.

Most Lesser Festivals have their own collects and a few, such as All Saints, have their own proper.

All Sundays, Seasons, and Festivals are related to these festivals.

Because Easter varies in date each year based on the vernal equinox and the phases of the moon, it is called a moveable feast (see: Computus).

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