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You must also change Old Query Port Number=7717 under [Ip Drv.Udp Gamespy Query] in the Killing to match the increase of the 7707 port.Web Server] section of the and set b Enable to true.Linode's Dedicated CPU instances are ideal for CPU-intensive workloads like those discussed in this guide.The server supports several settings for multithreading: Worker threads are the threads that update the simulation and do the main work. Generator threads generate new or load old sectors as the players progress and explore the galaxy.Script Background threads do heavy script calculations (created with the async() call) that might be necessary. In the following, hardware concurrency means the amount of threads that your machine can run at the same time.The numerical value determined the number of previously played maps that should not be selectable. 4(Default) - Four maps must be played before the map becomes available again.

You probably don't want to do that every time you want to install/update a server.

The server will create a file and a few others, concerning blacklists, whitelists or user groups when it is started up.

The files are located in the galaxy folder of the server. This file should only be edited when the server is not running, as the server will overwrite its settings in the file on shutdown.

Machine: 4 core Intel CPU with Hyperthreading (hardware concurrency of 8): The server will create log files when it is started up. Should your server not run properly, there are multiple options for checking what's wrong.

The log file does not only contain game-relevant data, but also a lot of technical data, such as connection problem diagnosis.

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Admins looking to made changes from the default settings will find most options available in the (or in Web Admin once enabled in the Killingfloor.ini). Xvoting Handler] section of the admins need to set b Map Vote to true in order to enable map voting.