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Updating remote server

That behavior would be expected anyway if the local transaction uses itself, because it always supplies such qualification.However, this can pose a hazard for functions that are executed on the remote server via triggers or rules on remote tables.This represents the additional overhead of establishing a connection, parsing and planning the query on the remote side, etc.The default value is This option, which can be specified for a foreign server, is a numeric value that is used as extra cost per-tuple for foreign-table scans on that server.

So This option, which can be specified for a foreign server, is a numeric value that is added to the estimated startup cost of any foreign-table scan on that server.

Savepoints are similarly managed by creating corresponding remote savepoints. This choice ensures that if a query performs multiple table scans on the remote server, it will get snapshot-consistent results for all the scans.

A consequence is that successive queries within a single transaction will see the same data from the remote server, even if concurrent updates are occurring on the remote server due to other activities.

Running ANALYZE on the foreign table is the way to update the local statistics; this will perform a scan of the remote table and then calculate and store statistics just as though the table were local.

Keeping local statistics can be a useful way to reduce per-query planning overhead for a remote table — but if the remote table is frequently updated, the local statistics will soon be obsolete. Of course, if the remote table is not in fact updatable, an error would occur anyway.

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For example, if a remote table is actually a view, any functions used in that view will be executed with the restricted search path.

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