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It is said that if not updating the Open GL drivers, your PC will automatically set the Open GL to its default version, namely, Open GL 1.1.In this way, there is a high probability that you can’t enjoy the maximized gaming experience.To discover what version of Open GL exists on your PC, follow these steps. Open GL 2.x or higher is required to run City Engine.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange I have v1.1 of the Open GL driver installed on my Windows 7 machine.

For instance, if you are using Intel HD graphics card, try to update the Intel driver so as to get the latest Open GL driver installed.

Refer to your card's manufacturer's website if you need help with that. All modern graphics cards have support for Open Gl 3.3 out of the box, and all the latest software puts increasingly high requirements for hardware configuration of your computer. You can download Aurora that has support for older graphics cards here: https://

If your computer is 5 or more years old, there is a possibility that your GPU does not support Open GL 3.3 There are several solutions if your system supports a version of Open GL that is lower than 3.3. If you want to enjoy the latest and the most powerful software packages, a hardware upgrade might be in order.

Here take the example of updating Intel ICD Open GL driver as an example. In this case, you may as well open your game to check whether Open GL driver error will pop up again. Expand Display adapters and then right click the graphics driver to Update driver.

Of course, it is accessible to download AMD Open GL or NVIDIA Open GL driver on AMD or NVIDIA site. Otherwise, it makes sense to get the Open GL driver from the graphics driver within Windows 10. Here your display card may be AMD, Intel, or NVIDIA or any other ones with different brands. Try to Search automatically for the updated driver software.

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