Updating escort passport 8500

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Updating escort passport 8500

Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot 4-5 • Details of Programming Passport 8500 X50 Quick Reference Card Press the REVIEW button to go from one category to the next Quick Reference Guide 14-16 17-22 17 • Interpreting Alerts 18-19 • How Radar Works 20 • How POP Mode Works 21 • How Laser Works 22 23-28 23 24-25 • Warranty 26 • Accessories 26 Quick Reference Guide Quick Reference Guide To begin using your Passport, just follow these simple steps Easy Mount Slot Insert Passport’s adjustable Windshield mount into this slot.

Page 7 Plug the small end of the power cord into the side jack of the detector, and plug the large end of the power cord into your car’s lighter socket.

Passport’s display will provide a “Reset” message, accompanied by an audible alert, acknowledging the reset.

An example For example, here is how you would turn Passport’s Auto Mute feature off. Passport will scroll through the categories, starting with Pilot Light (Pilot), then Power-on sequence (Pwr On), then Signal strength meter (Meter), and then Auto Mute (a Mute).

(You can either tap the button to change from item to item, or hold the button to scroll through the items). (You can either tap the button to change from setting to setting, or hold the button to scroll through all the options).

4 To leave Program Mode, simply wait 8 seconds without pressing any button.

(The unit will display Complete, beep 4 times, and return to normal operation).

Escort®, Passport®, AFR®, Smart Shield®, Auto Sensitivity™, Expert Meter™ and Spec Display™are trademarks of Escort Inc.

1 Enter the Program Mode by holding both the city and dim buttons down for 2 seconds. 3 Release the REVIEW button when Passport shows the Auto Mute item.

Since the factory setting is for Auto Mute to be on, Passport will display a Mute ON.

(If you accidentally don't release the Review button in time, and Passport goes to the next category, hold the Review button down again, and after Passport scrolls through all categories, it will begin again at the top of the list.) 4 Press the CHANGE button to change from a Mute ON to a Mute OFF.

5 To complete the Programming, simply wait 8 seconds without pressing any button.

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Page 6 Earphone Jack Accepts standard 3.5mm earphone.

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