Updating 1970s houses

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In the dining room, a sliding glass door opens onto a wooden deck, where the clients can relax and gaze upon the ocean.Wide steps lead down to a verdant lawn."In his office, a desk surface custom-made of star-fire glass sits atop two blackened steel bases that call to mind the fins of a turbine engine," the architects said.Repair Walls When we purchased our home, it was apparent that years of poor quality DIY patching had taken place.We had our painter fix the blemishes and fill all 240 nail holes. Now when the light shines on them, it looks like new drywall!While home renovation shows have given home owners more confidence when renovating their home interiors, there’s still a huge lack of inspiration for exterior renovations – in particular, the facades of 1970s and 1980s homes.Most of these homes need more than a basic makeover (render, paint and landscaping) to really modernise them.The sculptural, wood-clad dwelling features sloped roofs and boxy protrusions, and interior spaces bathed in natural light.For the latest intervention, the design team sought to retain original features while adding more space, and updating the finishes and decor.

Start with gathering some images of home facades you love the look of.

There are hundreds of ways to improve a facade over and above a paint job and landscaping; you just have to work out which ones to employ for your home. Let’s face it, if you’re going to spend anywhere from ,000 – ,000 or more on your exterior, you really should be doing your best to ensure your plan is going to work.

A good designer will help you find a happy medium between what you have, the kind of look you want and what your budget will allow for.

If it’s brick and you want to render it, look at ways to introduce contrasting materials and features to give it some interest and depth.

If your home has arches, find ways to either remove them or conceal them in some way.

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