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In 1466, a traveler described the well-built houses and paved roads, and counted five churches.

By the 16th century, Turnhout had become a wealthy commercial center.

Peter, the beguinage (begijnhof) dating from the 13th century, the 14th century gothic chapel of Theobald and the Taxandria museum housed in a prestigious renaissance mansion.

Of particular interest is the Museum of the Playing Card.

Turnhout is also the capital of the administrative district with the same name.In the late Middle Ages, Turnhout was a well-known center for the weaving of bedding articles and of the linen trade.At the start of the 19th century, these trades were replaced by industries based on the use of paper.The event is completely free (vrij in Dutch) and attracts large crowds, strongly benefitting the local economy.Due to budgetary issues however, the "Vrij-dagen" have been discontinued since 2009, when the last edition was held.

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