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Uniform dating tracking index

Initial Action Complaints and Complaints of Misconduct. Investigating and Reporting Complaints Area/divisions.

Adjudicating the Complaint and Skelly Responsibility.

Adjudication of Categorical Use of Force Incidents 793.

Reporting Changes or Additions to Employee Information Record.

Definitions of Terms Used in the Department Manual.

Issuance of Department Directives and Informative Publications.

Additional Clothing-Police Officers Eligible for Unrestricted Field 626.

Rain Clothing-Police Officers Eligible for Unrestricted Field Duty.

Undercover Officers Posing as Members of the News Media.

Administering Sobriety Tests to Department Employees.

Department Employee Detained or Arrested for a Prosecutable Offense. Employees Involved in Domestic Violence or Subject to Court Order-Employee Notification. Searches of Department Employees During Administrative Investigations.

Department Organization-Descriptive Titles of Organizational Entities.

Traffic Collisions Involving Department Vehicles or Employees. Employees Involved Traffic Collisions- Administrative Review 208.

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Employee Exposure to Health Hazards- Reporting Procedures.

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