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But of all animals in the world a rhinoceros is, perhaps, the most unaccommodating.This was not because he was unaccommodating, but a proof of superior manners.

, unaccommodating definition, how to use unaccommodating in a sentence, use unaccommodating in a sentence with examples: 2. In like manner, they found real estate agents unaccommodating to a disabled applicant. Use unaccommodating in a sentence, unaccommodating meaning? She liked his strength, his solidity, the sense he gave her of physical security; she even liked his rugged manners and his rough unaccommodating speech.

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And an unaccommodating person might insist on meeting at her own house, refusing to meet halfway between your homes.

Accommodating means "helpful or considerate." When you add the un- ("not") prefix, you get unaccommodating.


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