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Ukrainian sex

If she refused, then boys (who would usually form a group in such cases) would take a revenge by smearing her house with tar or taking off her gates.

Sometimes they also beat a stubborn girl, which could have tragic outcomes.

“Vechornytsi” was an entertaining night that consisted of talks, jokes, songs and dances, but not only.

If a boy and a girl liked each other, they would go to sleep side by side in the same house.

“Vechornytsi” did not foresee any sexual intercourse.The perpetrators would traffic two to four women at a time for a period of three months.The group received their share from the monetary reward for the provision of sexual services.Iryna Ignatenko, an ethnographer and an author of the book “The female body in the traditional culture of Ukrainians”, explains that such incidents had dreadful consequences for a girl.She would either become a single mother, marginalized from society, or would be forced to continue sexual relationship with her offender, threatened that he will reveal her loss of virginity to the community.

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Oksana Kis, an ethnographer and an author of the book “Woman in traditional Ukrainian culture”, explains that this system entails clearly defined gender roles and a set of life scenarios for them.

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