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Why does she give up from her hair that brings so much money to her?At that time, she said ”I went into a hairdresser in New York, when I went out, my hair were short, and I felt very relaxed.” Actually, yes, she clearly says that she cuts off her hair for ‘getting rid of some things and lightening’. Before long, the truth behind haircutting begins to emerge. When we look at the way the hair cuts, we see that it has not been much attention. When I see Tuba’s dress I said that suddenly cut hair, black clothes can be a sign of a depression. Perhaps the fame that she lived has begun to come heavily.In her appearance "Lamiss” and in her elegance “Asi” and in her mastering of her success keys “the gypsy Hasret”.Three admired characters gathered in one female who is “Tuba Büyüküstün” the Turkish who has been known and loved by the viewer in “Sanawat Addayaa (Ihlamurlar Altında)” one of the most famous series of the Turkish drama production.

The court is seen in the Tekirdag Family Court to keep it private.This season’s challenging tv series “I Am From Urfa” (Urfaliyim Ezelden) has ended due to low ratings.The tv series starred Bulent Inal and Dolunay Soysert.‘Haircut’ is the sign of the dark clouds flying over the happy couple.Moreover, those hair; Thanks to the shampoo ads, Tuba Büyüküstün has gained big money.

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I heard about Morocco before and today I have noticed and realized the extent of its similarity with Turkey, because there are a lot of common points between us like the hospitality, the warm welcome and a lot of things that we don’t see in European countries. On one hand, everyone accept your ideas and any message I want to transmit is delivered quickly and that what is beautiful in being star; and on the other hand there is responsibility, surveillance, prosecution and accountability for actions.

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