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Tim wheeler and emmy the great dating

She later fights with Steve, who only cares about not getting in trouble with his father.

Hopper has suspicions regarding the authenticity of the body found in the quarry and confronts the state trooper who found it, beating the trooper until he admits he was ordered to lie.

Mike agrees to let her sleep in his basement that night.

Will’s brother Jonathan visits his estranged father Lonnie in Indianapolis to search for Will, but Lonnie rebuffs him.

Returning to Steve's house to search for Barb, Nancy sees the Demogorgon but manages to escape.

The boys sneak Eleven into their school to use the radio, while Joyce hears Will’s voice in her living room wall.

Tearing away the wallpaper, she sees him behind an organic membrane.

Nancy notices a figure behind Barb in Jonathan's photo, which Jonathan realizes matches his mother's description of the Demogorgon.

Nancy tells the police about Barb’s disappearance, admitting to her mother that she slept with Steve.

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Hopper’s search party discovers a scrap of Eleven’s hospital gown near the lab.

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