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The dating of the quran

Many Sunni Muslims and Shia MGod repeatedly confirms in the Quran that the book is complete, perfect and fully detailed (,38,114,115; , 1), and if He there was a need, He would have given us hundreds of books, not just one Quran (see9 and ).

The four guided Khalifas who ruled the Muslim Umma (nation) after the death of Prophet Muhammed, respected the command of the Prophet and prohibited the writing and collection of hadiths.

They accepted that the Quran is fully detailed and that it is the only source of religion (4).

Abu Bakr at one point was not sure whether to keep what he knows of hadiths or not.

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab insisted on destroying the hadiths collected by his son Abdullah.Those who uphold hadith are proven to be false believers. They are satisfied with God's words alone and with God's law (Quran) alone.They believe the words of God which describe the Quran as complete and fully detailed, and therefore they do not need any other source: The books of hadith report the Prophet prohibiting the writing of his hadith and that his followers should not write anything from him other than the Quran!Islamic history mentions the story of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab restraining four of the Prophet's companions because of their insistence on telling hadiths, these were Ibn Masoud, Abu Al-Dardaa, Abu Masoud Al-Anssary and Abu Tharr Al-Ghaffary.Omar called Abu Hurayra a liar and threatened to send him back to Yemen where he came from if he does not stop telling these lies about Prophet Muhammed. Omar is also reported to have stated that he had desired to write down a collection of the Prophet's sayings, but refrained for fear of the Muslims choosing to abandon the teachings of the Quran in favour of the hadith."I wanted to write the Sun'an, and I remembered a people who were before you, they wrote other books to follow and abandoned the book of God.

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It has been documented in the collections of ' Muslim', ' Ahmed' and other sources of hadith that Prophet Muhammad has prohibited the writing of his hadith.

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