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EVERY decent looking girl ended up asking for money, OR wanting me to pay for some scam "safe dating verification " website. Are you sure this is a safe way, worth of all the efforts?

The website itself they don't care about their clients at all as long as they get their money! It's all a big fraud but realized that to late !That trip fell through when my wife found out about my plans hiking with her. I also met a girl online a few years ago and carried on a friendship with her for 2 years. While no sex was involved, this encounter was also hurtful to my wife because I was having a relationship with a woman outside our marriage, even it it wasn't sexual, and I lied to my wife saying I was hiking alone. Yes, I am still married because I care very much for my wife and want this never to happen again. Getting married I did not realize how important it was to share everything, including my deepest thoughts about everything with the one person I promised to share everything with. I did not realize, I just didn't understand that independence is not a one size fits all process. I am grateful that I was discovered, though I feel awful and foolish, because I was headed down a very dangerous and destructive path. She is angry and extremely hurt, but I will work hard on getting back on track and think of her, and only her.Inviting her not only hurt my wife, it also hurt a friendship I had with my hiking buddy who was going on that trip and didn't know I had also invited a woman. Most recently I tried to arrange a trip with a gal 40 years my junior, to another city. And I also did not understand that in a marriage there is give and take from everyone. That doesn't make them wrong, me right, and in a marriage, both people have valid thoughts and should be heard. It's terrible that having to hurt my wife so deeply was the way for me to get my wakeup call.It is also very expensive to contact these women and to be honest lots of these women are fat, spoiled selfish divas or skinny girls on drugs.Customer service seems to be plugged with cob webs and I can't get through.

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I can not see any reason for them not to be willing to do this if they are genuine. I am an attractive guy and have written up a very appealing profile yet there has not been any response to me putting myself out there to some of these women.

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