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In this way, you can easily find the users you are frequently chatting with.You can also put them in your "Ignore" list should they act suspicious or annoying. We know what it was like, trying to get a bearing of who we are, acclimatizing with our rapidly changing bodies, and just trying to survive the awkwardness of it all.Teen Chat aims to be a place where young girls and boys can hang out with people their age and make sense of the world together. Despite the chat rules and guidelines, there are still some users who might take advantage of the lax security this chat site might have.Teen Chat has tons of chat policies that you must agree to before actually signing in.You can also opt to link your Twitter account to have an even quicker registration shortcut.Once they accept, they will automatically be placed under the "Friends" tab on your profile. Aside from group conversations, you can also send a private message.

Granted, yes, that most of the direct messages were sexual in nature, it is noteworthy that the members are very much active and not bots at all.

Teen Chat further reinforces the nostalgia of Friendster where you can add people as friends.

Aside from joining the group conversation on the chat room, you can add people you frequently talk to as friends.

Teen years can be rough and with Teen Chat, you can have the support system of people that are currently going through the same experiences. While it is completely free to use, there might be some dodgy users and scammers lurking about.

With that, we had suited up and fully immersed ourselves in this site to see if Teen Chat fully lives up to its potential and it is guaranteed safe for teenagers all around the world to use.

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However, since the site's demographics are teens, it is to our opinion that perhaps the site should have a much stricter sign-up process.