Swtor an error occurred updating repair

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Swtor an error occurred updating repair

Star Wars The Old Republic is one of the most beloved Star Wars games of all time and people have been playing it constantly since it has been released.The game is awesome but there are several problems which might appear while playing it.Methods are arranged from the easiest and most useful ones to the bottom but try out all options!Bitraider is a tool which is used to speed up the downloading and updating process of the game but plenty of people have complained about it as it causes SWTOR game to crash and display plenty of errors, including the one we are talking about in this article.Having a broken video game is probably the least of your concerns as viruses can often cause far more damage to your computer so it’s important that you react fast and scan your computer for malware!

It doesn’t matter if you own a third-party firewall or if you still use Windows Defender Firewall, the problem is there and you should try and solve it by disabling it.Bitraider presents a downloading technology which is used to minimize the network usage and it can be used to update and download the client update as you play the game.However, because of constant game instability and crashes, plenty of users started to disable it while they play.Simply uninstalling it may cause problems so make sure you follow the steps he provided.Another culprit for the problem may be your firewall which might be blocking the game’s client from updating itself properly.

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Here are solutions from Blizzard forum that might help.

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