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Strata dating system

Having knowledge about the stratification may help man to adapt to the social surroundings and they may also have development of man’s average of living.

It also result economic growth in a society and it leads to the achievement of a pleasant and secure society.

Sometimes, you cannot notice it but when you look at a certain thing or situation deeply, you can see that.

The influence of government officials is more noticeable in the public today.

Social Stratification is a classification whereby people rank and evaluate each other as higher and, on the basis of evaluations; inequality rewarded one another with wealth authority, influence and status.

It is the hierarchical arrangement and organization of social categories that develop into social group together with status and their equivalent roles.

Family position and association to patron are useful to achieve success.As one of the result of these discrimination is the formation of a number of levels within society.This number of levels within society are can be identified by the social classes or a group of people who share a similar position or status.And lastly is the Education in which almost a lot of Filipinos think that this is the key to improve their lives which is right.Education is one of the most important factors that affect social mobility of a person in a society.

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This movement of one individual or group may either the increasing or descending movement from a class rank to another rank or change of a position that does not involve any actual changes of class rank in which it was unnoticeable.

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