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It's small, but the position of the door makes under the partition action very easy in the two stalls. Follow Cub Hill until you reach a fork in the road. Make a right on Loch Raven and go until you find the bridge. When you go down the road to where all the cars are parked, there are people walking around everywhere. I've been a member for a year now and the problem with the DAC is not the cruising that goes on (and it goes on all the fuckin' time! Without a doubt the most unattractive gym clientele I have just about ever seen. Lots of gay guys, 30% of which are cute, 20% have possibilities, and 50% are just a no. I had to leave by pm so I may have missed something, but both toilets were quiet while I was there. The facilities get used but no guys were up for action. Just park your car in the lot and walk down the steps to the park. Also, there are numerous peepholes between the two. Cruisy in the northeast corner where there are trails that run along the woods, though any action is hit and miss. Not only that, if you sit in your car you might get approached. Loch Raven is very cruisy even during the workday at lunchtime. Went to the main white building on Mount Royal Avenue (near North Charles), and it was a small, one stall, one urinal bathroom. I think the place is active for sex during the Spring and Fall semesters, bu...

Below we show a Albany cruising map with all cruising areas and spots that shared our gay community. In the tab for each zone you will find a location map with directions to the place: driving, walking, public transport or bike.The Eagle is closed in an ongoing business dispute between the recent operators of the bar and the family who own the building and the rights to the name. I was there last week, on a Tuesday afternoon right after lunch. Booths are good sized and the buddy windows so you can make sure you're a match before getting together. I dropped in hoping for a long black cock and cruised for about 15 minutes before I got an older black man to follow me downstairs.Left my stall unlocked and had two visits in about fifteen minutes. He slid his thick 7-incher through the hole and I gobbled it like a ...Take the first right at the traffic light at the end of the bridge and then take the next right to go under the base of the bridge. We were naked in the middle of the bathroom for hours and no one interrupted u... I went here around lunchtime, stood at a urinal and a good-looking man in his thirties came in and pretended to be using the urinal next to me. Some light cruising of the toilet, but people are easily scared off or will walk the nearby trails. The Park Service workers (who have no legal authority) have become really aggressive here, harassing the guys in the park.Pass Spinnakers (a closed down restaurant), and a construction trailer and go straight into the park. A large, multi-room bathroom with lots of warning that allow great cruising opportunities in the stalls. Guys that are cruising back into the parking spaces and flash taillights if they're looking. I started playing with my cock and he kept stealing peek...cowhand63 - This is titled incorrectly, which is why you can't find it. Black Hill Park is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Little Seneca Regional P... I found Black Hill and it is a big area with a waterfront but nowhere did I see guys coming or going. Recently while I was sitting in my car alone, a Park Service worker (in a gov... It can be pretty busy with people coming in and out of the bathroom, but it has great potential. It would be hot for action, you can see the urinals from the stalls, plenty of room for discreet action.

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The first guy was an older man that wanted a blowjob. Went two days in a row in the afternoon in the middle of the week recently. Just a bunch of dudes in the locker room that put on their underwear with their towels still on after they get out ... Brick Bodies downtown in the Charles Center Plaza is a quasi-bathhouse. Most are serious about working out, but if you get to know them or are just a good cruiser, you can usually take it home from there. I was there the other day and questioned by a Baltimore cop who wanted to know what I was doing.

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