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Instant messaging services have grown beyond just real-time text chats.

You can now use audio and video with your chats, share applications, transfer files, and more.

Skype is a wonderful tool for chatting with your chums for free.

But how do you find your friends in the first place?

In addition, online status is shown for people using Microsoft Skype or Lync, regardless of whether they are on your instant messaging contact list.

Step 7: If you want to add someone’s phone number to your Skype, follow step 1, but this time choose Add a phone number from the Add a contact menu.In addition, each name on the To and Cc lines displays the online status when you rest the pointer on the name.In Outlook, you can add the instant messaging address of each Outlook contact to the IM address text box for that contact.You can connect your instant messaging service, such as Microsoft Lync, to an organization's phone system allowing you to get on-screen alerts of incoming calls and reroute calls to another phone.When you open a message in Outlook or when it is displayed in the Reading Pane, the online status of the sender is shown beside the sender's name.

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You control how your online status appears to others.

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