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This order should be withdrawn.”He also posted a photo of his father Farooq Abdullah and him wearing the traditional attire. By banning pharans what’s the govt trying to prove? Revoke this order @jandkgovernor #Say No To Pharan Ban Q0xu Qomd— Salman Nizami (@Salman Nizami_) December 18, 2018#saynotopharanban #proudtobeakashmiri Start this hashtag and tag your friends and post pictures @Raheelk @RJNASIROFFICIAL @shahfaesal @Salman Nizami_ Euibw RUak— Shazia Bakshi (@Shazia) December 18, 2018In September, the General Administration Department of the Civil Secretariat in Srinagar asked government officials to “be attired in proper formal dress while appearing before any court of law and while attending offices in the State of Jammu and Kashmir and strictly avoid casual or party attire”.My father & I have worn pherans to official functions many times over the years & will continue to do so, silly government orders not withstanding. Esjp Md4XB— Omar Abdullah (@Omar Abdullah) December 18, 2018Pharan is our cultural identity. The order was passed a month after the state High Court asked the government to announce an official dress code for officials attending court.The court issued the directive after it found a government officer in court not “in proper dress”.The order does not mention any particular form of attire.They claim that the cable TV is the ‘reason’ for all the ills of the Kashmiri society.If cable TV really is a tool the government is using to spread ills, the government could air for free all cable channels! They have ways, money and methods to achieve their desires.

reported that the Jammu and Kashmir school education department had banned people wearing the traditional pheran in its zonal offices.According to reports politicians, police, BSF and top businessmen are involved in this s.e.x scandal.The names of the girls involved have been revealed but not of those in power.The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has handed over the case to the federal investigation agency of India, the Central Bureau of Investigations, but has not revealed names. According to reports nine ministers of the previous coalition government figured in the 2004 investigations and Mufti Sayeed personally intervened to save his government. The government does not care about the poor girls who have been drugged and dragged into this s.e.x-for-favours racket but is trying it’s best to hide the names of those who are guilty of the crime.I am awaiting for the names to be revealed as that would, at least, bring to light the truth about the PDP and Mehbooba Mufti – who claims to be the voice of the hapless Kashmiri women. The drama continues, the moral police of Kashmir ( a little known organisation called Al Madina Regiment) has demanded that all cable operators stop broadcasting cable TV channels.

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