Scorpio female dating aquarius male time out new york speed dating

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They will both like to take risks of any kind and their best date could be anything from parachute jumping to a night out in a casino.

Aquarius will rarely tolerate or be with someone who tries to make them be more stable and down to earth, or anyone who quenches their desire to be free.If love happens between them, the most typical scenario is for Scorpio to fall into an obsessive mess of feelings towards their uninterested Aquarius partner.It takes a lot of work and commitment to reach the emotional core of Aquarius, and it is impossible to get there without spontaneity and trust.None of them will want to have small talk or discuss their day at work.It is futile from their perspective, and although Scorpio likes to be in control of everything their partner does, it will be refreshing to talk to someone who says unusual things.

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While Aquarius values free spirit, communication and independence, Scorpio values commitment, sex and deep emotional connection.

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