Patti stanger rules of dating teen australia dating site

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Patti stanger rules of dating

You know, you’re there with a beer bong, you know what I’m saying.We’re taking it so extremely, like you know everything about that person just because of the photo they posted on Facebook.Six degrees of separation is almost 90 percent of how people meet. Getting online — it’s not for the dateless and the desperate!

"So, it’s actually more that women are more critical of the way men present themselves. Then there’s also when the chemistry is off the chain, like with my boyfriend.You can change a man’s wardrobe, you can cut his hair, you can shave his beard, straighten his teeth.There are a lot of things you can do to a man if the raw material is there. Does he have a good business ethic, where he could take care of you financially? He wants to give it to you, fine, but his penis is off limits.Most men have the worst pictures they ever dreamed of themselves on their Facebook pages.And they don’t think about that stuff, it’s not important to them. So you’re going to discard a guy — because women are much more critical when it comes to looks — because he wore the wrong pair of pants and is still wearing his members only jacket.

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