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Ohno nino dating

In other news, I read that Sho has celebrated her birthday at an expensive hotel.Did you also remember when Sho mentioned in Music Station that he start to learning piano again because his friend wants him to playing piano at his wedding.

She has nothing to do with the entertainment business and instead is a former surfing instructor turned business-owner (various beach sports supplies). Then Jun asks him if he's worried and he doesn't know the answer. Things are becoming a little out of control in his mind with all of the fame and popularity and suddenly his face is on an airplane and now he wants to get married. He’s proud of himself for how competently he’s doing his job even though a million thoughts are running through his head at once. A little over a year and a half ago when Ohno and Nino were sharing a hotel room together and Ohno opened up the minibar and then they nearly cleaned the whole thing out together. It's not the way Ohno normally jokes around, but he does the unexpected sometimes. He wondered if he was coming on too strong but she seemed to want to spend time with him too. " "I don't think you really want me to." "I don't know what I want. Or Nino just really knows his way around a deck of cards.

They both have a great background, so I think they perfect for each other.

Also they have similar face, especially their eyes.

A really nice girl and Nino meets her through a friend of a friend. Jun asks him if he's happy and he searches his mind and says yes. " Then they're quickly ushered onto the sage and set before the camera. So of course he goes straight into professional mode right when the camera starts running. And things Nino hasn’t thought about in a really, really long time. "But I was going to say it before and then I didn't." "Why? His eyebrows are all woven together and he's chewing on his lip like he's trying to figure out the answer to about twelve simultaneous questions. Or, really, no best man would say that to the groom just days before the wedding. Then again and again until they just met every time he had a free day. Either way, if there is any sleight of hand, Nino wants it to be his. He's almost painfully aware of all of the situations in his life, from the large matters to the small everyday ones. Ohno isn't trying hard enough to beat him or he isn't really paying attention. Relieved that they can just hang out like this now that they've put that... It was just that simple but with them it's always simple no matter what it is.

"Is there a goddamn parrot in the roo--" "You're... Because as much as he can see in the eyes of the other members that they're happy for him - there is also the question of "what does this mean for Arashi? So he doesn't tell anyone else save for a few close friends and family members. And Ohno says "yeah" in a kind of far-off way which isn't anything out of the ordinary. But I think we're all used to it by now." Ohno has the most serious expression that Nino has ever seen on his face. --- Nino goes home after filming with Ohno's words running through his mind. He had to be kidding because no one would say that to someone just days before a wedding and not be kidding. Yumi who he called again right after the first date and asked her out again. Nino feels like he can't breathe, this is too much to take in all at once. He opens his mouth and Nino does too and it's a real, proper kiss. Or maybe that's why he became a magic enthusiast in the first place.

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Well, I don't know which one is the truth, let us hear from Sho's mouth.

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