No sighn up granny chst rooms

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Once she has caught the Player, they will be forced to face her, and she will scream and hit them with her bloody baseball bat.The impact of the hit will knock them unconscious immediately, and they will wake up in the Starting Bedroom on the next Day.Additionally, it can be reduced even further by being inside of a hiding place, namely the crawlspaces that Granny can't enter.As a result, Granny is almost completely blind to the Player's presence when they are inside tunnels.

Granny can hear anything and everything in her house, and will go towards any noise, meaning that the Player has to remain cautious.

She will usually spend a couple of seconds there (unless a noise is made to get her attention) and then Granny will move around the house randomly, looking in different rooms, searching for the Player.

Although Granny starts walking very slowly, she will begin walking faster if she is made aware of the Player's presence.

She will catch the Player if they are in close proximity to her, sometimes even through walls, as described in Weak Walls.

If Granny spots the Player attempting to hide inside a Bed, Cabinet, Chest, or the Car, she will not be easily fooled.

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