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Subprime mortgage loans are made to borrowers with limited or bad credit history.With a higher rate of default than prime loans, subprime mortgage loans are priced based on the risk assumed by the lender.

GE Capital, arguing that New Century owes it .7 million on leased equipment and can't stay current on payments, asked a judge to lift the protection normally granted to companies in Chapter 11.By 2007, New Century had been the largest independent provider of subprime mortgages in the United States. As of January 1, 2007, it was headed by Brad Morrice as president and CEO. Forster, a lead independent director, served as chairman. While New Century's problems became public news in February & March 2007, primarily as a result of the pullback of more than half of its 11 warehouse lenders, (who funded New Century's loan closings until they could be securitized), mortgage insiders heard rumors of New Century's loss of some of its (wholesale/warehouse) lines of credit as early as the end of the third quarter, 2006.On March 8, 2007, New Century Financial Corporation announced that it was stopping new loans while it sought new funding.The same three officers listed above were parties to that civil settlement, as were the following former directors of New Century: co-founder Robert K. Cole, the estate of co-founder Edward Gotschall, Fredrick J.

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The brand Home123 was reintroduced to the market as a real estate marketing and technology firm focused on bringing people, resources, and information together. In The Big Short (2015), young investors Charlie Geller and Jamie Shipley have bet heavily on the failure of sub-prime mortgage bonds, but have to endure an excruciating wait while the spike in defaults seems to leave the housing market unaffected.

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