Naruto dating for boys

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The fourth hokage sealed this demon fox inside a boy in exchange for his own life.

Naruto was that boy, and he grew up with no family, and the villagers hated him thinking that he himself was the demon fox.

Naruto's dream is to become Hokage, and have the villagers acknowledge him. See more » In some episodes of the series, some symbols on the clothes that the characters wear have some mistakes on them.

There once was a Japanese priest who supposedly enchanted a teapot to never be empty at a party and was believed to be a tanuki. Like sometimes, the Leaf symbol on the Leaf headbands would not have the pointy part of the symbol on it, and sometimes, the Sound symbol would have either a wavy flag or a non-wavy flag on it.

:) You have a chance to have sex with whatever guy you made a good relationship(Sasuke, Naruto, or Rock Lee) if you didn't make a good relationship with any of them, then you get to have to settle for Shikamaru.

I wish they'd make a legit one where you can make your own character and actually date people/train and become a ninja.

Kind of like a Harvest Moon style on the story line plus the usual Naruto fighting you expect in a game. There is a free Naruto dating sim game that you can play.

See more » I am not a die hard anime fan and i found this series most enjoyable.

The characters are well developed and ALL have a reason for doing what they do.

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Many years ago, in the hidden village of Konoha, lived a great demon fox.