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Not only are many of the women traumatized by what they went through in Europe, they can be shunned by their communities for having worked as prostitutes.

Family members who are disappointed they aren’t still sending money back home aren’t always welcoming.

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The Catholic Church and a handful of nongovernmental organizations are also providing similar services.“We go to the airport, greet them and bring them back to the shelter.

We have what we call ‘a no-place-like-home’ party,” explained Sister Patricia Ebegbulem, a Catholic nun who has worked with trafficking victims for 20 years.

Joy walks along an overgrown path winding through a village on the rural outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. Joy was thrilled to get the offer — she already had two children, and her young family needed the money.

She points out a few shops that have closed and a big house on an overgrown plot owned by somebody who has left for a job overseas. But when she arrived in Italy, she quickly realized the people who had helped her sneak into the country using somebody else’s passport had a different plan in mind.

“We try as much as we can to prevent them from being retrafficked.”When Joy left for Italy, she boarded a plane in Lagos and landed in Rome.And, like Joy, many women who find themselves trapped into sex work in Europe eventually go home, either when they’re deported or when they voluntarily return.Since 2008, the Nigerian government has helped more than 7,200 women who were trafficked overseas when they return, by giving them temporary shelter, medical attention, counseling and help finding work, according to the Nigerian government's anti-trafficking agency.But she could never get the immigration documents she needed to legally stay and work in Italy and she missed her family.So, she decided to come back home and she’s been regretting it ever since.

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They want to get back to Europe and try to find a better job there again. After paying off her “debt” in Italy, she lived at a shelter in Parma run by Caritas, an NGO that helps trafficking victims.

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  1. Keeping her love life and personal relationships private, “that’s something important to me—with my family, with my friends, I really like to keep it for me,” she said.