Muslim dating rituals

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Muslim dating rituals

Cultures in Eastern African as well as the southern parts of the continent that share similar languages will sometimes have some marriage rituals in common.Following is a quick run-down of some wedding rituals that are practiced across the continent.African wedding rituals run the gamut of all celebrations.They can be colorful and vibrant, they can also be somber and understated.Either a man selects a bride and pays her father a bride price or…a woman gets to choose the man she wants to be her husband.During their marriage and courtship celebrations the young men and women spend a lot of time painting and adorning their bodies in a bid to attract members of the opposite sex.

While the never-married virgins must be courted for a year following the fair, but widows and divorcees are permitted to start their new married lives the day they meet a man that “suits their fancy”.While the girls are dancing, the king will drop his shield in front of the ones whose dancing he likes or whose beauty catches his eye.The official of which ones will become his wives will be made later on in the year… (Yes, this is very generalized but a lot of the African wedding rituals in this region follow this tradition) The groom-to-be first declares his intentions to his father, grandfather, or uncle who then, if he is in agreement, meets with the father of the “intended” bride-to-be.the girl deemed by her peers to be the most desirable of them all. the winner will still need to pay the girl’s family a bride price for her. Even though a Wodaabe man can have up to four wives, the first being a cousin to which he is betrothed by his parents at his birth, the women still do get a choice… During this dance celebration known as the Geerewol, the women will pick out the men that they find most desirable to be their husbands.(Yes, again very generalized but this particular African wedding ritual tends to be seen in parts of Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Mali) The marriage rituals practiced here begin with the Guedra… If a woman finds two men desirable she may pick only one but if the two men are cousins she can have them both.

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The day of her wedding the bride is bathed by the older women in her family as they “cleanse her of her childhood”. the joining of the couple is performed by a village elder who gives them advice and offers prayers on their behalf… Berber African wedding rituals make concessions for women to ensure that they are well taken care of.

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