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I feel like she’s screening her calls, and purposely doesn’t pick up when I call, but I’m not sure why.I’ve touched on it once by saying “When I call, I get your voicemail an awful lot….there a good time to call when I’m likely to reach you?

A few harsh truths about dating men I learned the hard way: 1. When he does not want you (for any number of reasons) his lack of obviously wanting you is the biggest clue of his being uninterested. Most men are hungry to flirt and will do it no matter how uninterested they are in romance. Passively waiting around for him, giving him space, does nothing to increase his interest.” She responded with a pause, some rambling, and eventually said that a particular time worked best. Miraculously, after that, for a couple of months, she answered the phone when I called.Now, the situation seems to have reverted back to me getting the answering machine all the time.I am guessing you have other friends with whom you talk on occasion and it doesn’t bother you like it does with her. when she has the time and inclination, which seems to me like she does consider you a close friend but is probably not considering romance.Deciding when and how often you two talk may be her subtle way to communicate this.

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I have often thought that my calls are being avoided on purpose, which would suggest that she doesn’t want to hear from me.

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