Mandating everyone buy a house

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Look for printed pillows, decorative plates, or artwork–those will help you focus on the hues of your color scheme.

Then, "any companion patterns and prints and the relatively easy matter of solids and textures will fall readily into place," says Sam Jernigan, a designer with Renaissance Design Consultations in Auburn, CA.

Truly challenged gardeners can try succulents, which require little care. "Flowers brighten up a space that may still be in transition, and bring warmth and care to unfamiliar territory." Every house has what designers call a "color story": the palette, tone, and saturation of the colors used in your home that create stylish cohesion throughout the space.

You don't need to decide on your story immediately—over time, the pieces will fall into place—but now's a good time to start scoping out building blocks.

Poorer people and people with pre-existing conditions tend to be sicker than the average population.

So forcing insurers to cover them raised insurers' costs of doing business disproportionate to those new customers' numbers.

The American health care system has two overlapping problems: First, prices for actual health care services are insanely high compared to other countries.

Because insurers have to pay those sky-high prices, they used to control their costs by simply denying a lot of people coverage based on pre-existing conditions, or by foisting the costs onto customers through deductions and co-pays.

"Only use pieces that you truly love, or that add some function to the space," Marcotte says.

"These baskets add lovely texture and important function," Marcotte says.

This week, the White House dropped a news bomb by acknowledging insurance premiums on Obama Care's exchanges will rise 25 percent in 2017.

Given the state of things, taking a "wait and see" approach is a very bad idea.

To explain why requires a brief tour of how we got here.

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If you've snagged a sweet Mid-Century Modern house with vintage fixtures, ignore this step.