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If you're anything like me, you have your phone with you at all times.

Simon Cowell, “Cupid’s” executive producer, says he approves of this unexpected turn of events.“Reality TV should be cruel,” the famously snarky Cowell, who also serves as an outspoken judge on “American Idol,” told the Post.“Life is cruel.” Lisa Shannon, 25, stars on the reality series, in which her two best friends initially narrowed a field of bachelors.

Club Cupid, was a Scottish regional dating show co-produced by STV Central and STV North and presented by Des Clarke and Michelle Watt.

The series was recorded at the Apex Hotel in Dundee.

in the US, he was on a mission to find a man for one of the show's most popular candidates, Omarosa.

So he hand-picked 12 men to compete for her affections and let everyone live in the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas while the competition for her heart was ongoing.

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