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Leo male and dating women

The Leo man trusts the Pisces woman too; he understands that she can see things he can’t, and that when she disagrees with him, there’s a very good reason behind it.

Both partners take their relationship seriously, and both will seek at all costs to maintain their Leo man Pisces woman compatibility.

The Leo man’s temper can deeply hurt the sensitive Pisces woman unless he consciously tries to contain it.

They value their intimacy and won’t put it on public display.

The Leo man is a very sociable being, however, and will want to be out and about a great deal, showing off his lovely partner.

When they can do this, Leo man Pisces woman compatibility can be a wonderful thing, and one which both partners can happily sustain for a lifetime.

The minute you saw him, you knew you just had to have the Leo Man! It was as if he was a shining beacon of light for you to follow. You knew you were just you are dying to run your fingers through it, right?

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When you blend together the Leo man’s creativity, generosity of spirit and vision, and the Pisces woman’s imagination, spirituality and compassion, you have scope for a truly magical relationship.

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