Lamictal or trileptal more sedating

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Read more There isn't a brain-destructive process like alzheimer's going on in depressed people, but thought process can be slowed to the point of not retaining information.

See Psychiatrist for Therapy and monitoring of Cymbalta, (duloxetine) Breathing Relax ...

For stable patients on lithium maintenance, blood levels may be checked every six to twelve months.

Because lithium is handled primarily by the kidneys, a renal function test (a blood test) is also recommended at least once a year.

See your physician for assistance in stopping these medications.

The symptoms you describe are very serious and need to be treated.

Research using gabapentin alone has been disappointing, although it does show a good response for less severe forms of bipolar disorder.

Adult patients with chronic painful conditions respond best to the drug.

However, uncontrolled studies have shown positive results when gabapentin is added to standard treatment (e.g., for patients who are not responding well to lithium).

Patients who respond best to the drug include rapid cyclers those with a history of depression mixed with mania, and those with a history of head trauma, mental retardation or substance abuse.

It takes about seven to 14 days for the drug to start working, and most psychiatrists wait three weeks before adjusting the dosage. Carbamazepine (Tegretol)Carbamazepine is not officially approved by the FDA for use in bipolar disorder, but its use in this disorder is extensively studied and published in medical literature.

Lithium was first regularly used in the United States to manage bipolar disorder in 1970.

People who have previously taken lithium or who are experiencing an euphoric (as opposed to an anxious or unhappy) mania respond best to lithium.

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Another 50 to 40 percent improve with the addition of another medication or trying another mood stabilizer.

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