Kimmel is dating silverman

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Kimmel is dating silverman

Here's everything to know about their sweet romance, including how they transitioned from co-workers to the cutest couple ever.that when she first met Kimmel, he insulted her when the executive producer told him she competed in triathalons.

In their classic humorous style, Mc Nearney announced the good news with a funny tweet.) In fact, the most interesting aspect of their relationship is that technically, Jimmy is Molly's boss—she's co-head writer for . Usually the writing staff is no more than "just down the hall" from the host.Molly, who started on the show 10 years ago as a writer's assistant and rose through the ranks, and Jimmy haven't shared much about how they got together before, but now Molly opens up to us about her first impression of Jimmy (it wasn't great), working with his ex Sarah Silverman, and why he's the most thoughtful man in the world. Molly Mc Nearney: The writing staff is in the building next door, and Jimmy's office is in the theater. Molly: At one of the writers' meetings—because Jimmy is always thinking about food—he asked us what our five favorite foods were.Mc Nearney was hesitant at first because of the workplace dynamics of dating your boss, especially since she was the only woman on the writing staff."I remember telling Jimmy, 'If this doesn't work out, nothing in your life changes, but mine changes completely,” she told that they do their best to keep their work lives and home lives separate, and don’t even carpool to the office. he's my boss, not my husband,” she told the magazine.

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“Jimmy looked up at me and said, ‘That is really stupid! “That was the first and only thing he probably said to me the entire first year of working there.” She said at first, she never even fathomed they’d be together romantically, especially since the two were in relationships with other people at the time.