Kelleher dating

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Kelleher dating

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“If you look at the relationships that Rosalynn Carter has with President Carter, or that Leah has with Archbishop Tutu,” she said, “that deep respect and love has allowed them to be better individuals, but also to make change in the world.” One Kelleher client of seven months, the chief executive of a rapidly growing online start-up who asked to be identified by only his first name, John, to avoid professional embarrassment, seemed excited by the opportunity to promote such change and said he viewed the evening as “an audition” of sorts. Supermodels aside, in an age in which millions delegate their love lives to the algorithms of or, it seems there are still singles who prefer an old-school matchmaker. Kelleher-Andrews, a former actress on “Baywatch” and “Melrose Place” who has been married to Nico Andrews, a champion jujitsu instructor, for 13 years, Kelleher International has 16 offices around the world and receives roughly 1,000 inquiries per month.

SAN FRANCISCO — On a characteristically foggy evening here, a group of predominantly single venture capitalists, tech executives, hedge-fund managers and philanthropists gathered for a cocktail party in a penultimate-floor suite at the St. As guests ate oysters, baby lamb chops and perhaps the world’s smallest cheeseburgers, they were pitched a multiday, intellectually rigorous singles mixer to be held in January 2014 on Necker Island, Richard Branson’s 74-acre Caribbean paradise, “curated” by Kelleher International, a long-running, high-end matchmaking service that is targeting Silicon Valley with particular vigor.

Wearing an Alexander Mc Queen dress and towering Valentino heels as she sold the idea was the company’s 44-year-old chief executive, Amber Kelleher-Andrews.

Another ,000 will add a second city to the search.

And 0,000 grants access to the CEO Club, which entails an international search, as well as the personal ministrations of Ms.

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Kelleher-Andrews; her mother, Jill Kelleher, who founded the company in 1986; or Sunya Andrews, 36, one of Ms.