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Last September, we reported that Breath of the Wild had dethroned Ocarina of Time as the best selling Legend of Zelda game in Japan.Almost one year later, we can report similar news for sales in the United States.Back in March of 2017, Breath of the Wild came out for the Switch and Wii U. My first thought when I reached the Hebra region was that this cold, mountainous area sure did have a lot of mountains.I had given my father the Wii U and bought him a copy of the game so he could play it. In case you’re a Korok who’s been hiding under a rock, Nintendo announced a sequel to Breath of the Wild during this years E3 Nintendo Direct, and the nerds of the ZUBC are finally here to give you their angles on the über-anticipated game! My second, more exciting thought was that I was going take every opportunity to shield surf on these slopes.

With the Link’s Awakening remake for Nintendo Switch on the horizon, bits and pieces of new information are filtering through, but it appears many of us missed series producer Eiji Aonuma’s nod to the…Hyrule Warriors gave us some fantastic incarnations of familiar characters from The Legend of Zelda’s many adventures.There was Link, with metal shoulder pads bolstering the chainmail he adopted from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, along with that fashionable blue scarf bearing the Hylian royal family emblem.With the release of the Link’s Awakening remake just a little over a month away, many retailers have revealed their pre-order bonuses for those who don’t mind cashing in on some sweet pre-order goodness.Here is what you can expect to receive when you pre-order the game in your region: In the United States, Game Stop…

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I would have said that this game can no longer surprise me anymore, but Breath of the Wild’s map… Think of it as Hyrule Warriors Week: Definitive Edition.

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