Google plus stream not updating

Posted by / 15-Jun-2020 17:05

Google has today released a new update for Google .

That's right, Google , the search giant's big shot at Facebook, their attempt at making a bigger, smarter social network that focused on real connections and conversations.

And Google likely wouldn't support the product at all if usage rates were too low. Given Google's direct connection to search, it's not surprising that there would be a lot of scammers on there trying to work out how to use the platform to boost their search rank (spoiler: it probably won't help).

Google's now recognized this as a problem, and the first of the new Google updates relates to 'low quality comments' and eradicating them from your streams.

Once it’s installed, you can easily add shortcuts to your desktop, start menu, or taskbar, by right clicking on the App icon in the Chrome App Launcher (or from the icon on the new tab page), and then clicking on the Create Shortcuts option.

That seems like a lot, but through the various audience breakdowns and analysis points, all the figures indicate that millions of people are still active on the platform. I personally don't use Google a lot these days, but whenever I do log in, I always have a flood of spam notifications and requests.We also wanted to thank all our dedicated visitors and listeners for your constant support, for listening to the Stream and for visiting the site, for sending us your questions and suggestions, and for helping us spread the word about the Jewish Music Stream – we’ve only gotten to where we are because of you, and your support and interest pushes us to constantly work on coming up with new ideas and adding features (as well as maintain the current system) to make the Stream even better than it already is!As always, we welcome any comments, suggestions, or questions that you may have.Google may not be on the same level of those platforms, but they're clearly also seeing similar problems.This update works to fix that, while also highlighting how Google's systems are able to detect and eliminate spam content.

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