Gemini woman dating a libra man

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Gemini woman dating a libra man

Gemini men love to flirt and it comes so naturally for them; it is easy to trust their excuses for their inability to stop.

Libra women will all too often mirror their partner for the sake of equality, expecting him to reign himself in as he notices her flirting with others.

Both of these signs hail from the air element, known for its superior intellect that takes precedence over emotions and impulsivity.

Libra women, as the queens of balance, have little to no struggle balancing a Gemini man’s differing sides and she will happily seek to charm them both.

This is, unfortunately, bound to end poorly as Gemini men rarely have a jealous bone in their bodies and won’t understand such an indirect message.

Libra’s curiosity is broader and includes the entirety of the noun: people, places, and things.In theory, that appears to be a match made in heaven until you throw in the shared indecisiveness they both possess.It can be difficult to find a real leader in this pairing as both sides desire equal contribution and cooperation.Intimate relationships build slowly but to a very high peak.Connections are solid and emotionally strong as neither is lustfully driven or overly interested in relationships that are primarily built on sex.

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As die-hard conversationalists, Gemini men and Libra women seem right at home with each other.

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