Family photographs and dating and fashion Free xxx chat no credit card

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Family photographs and dating and fashion

Family historians often wonder whether their poorer forebears would have been able to dress very fashionably.This is a good question but photographic evidence suggests that in many cases even humbler working ancestors followed the latest styles.

Everyone wished to create a good impression in the treasured photographs that would later be shown to family and friends and might be displayed in an album, or hung on the wall.There may also have been a time lag of a few years between new fashions first being worn in urban areas and their adoption in remoter country districts.Ideally we should consider all these criteria when considering the clothing of family members as seen in old photographs.; pdf format; auto-run; originally published in 2000; republished as a CD-ROM 2011 by Family Roots Publishing Co. You've almost certainly faced the problem: you have an album or box of old photographs, but almost all of them lack any identification. C.; 94pp.; ISBN: 978-1-933194-72-1; item #: FR0115; Price includes postage within the United States.

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