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Dive into the pool dating

How do I get her and others to hear me and stop being so damned delighted at the idea of me doing something I’ve told them I have no interest in doing?

So if you're single, why not get back in the dating game? Here's what you need to know about your dive into the dating pool after 55: 1.

And it doesn't get any easier after 55, I'm afraid! According to the last UK census, 27.7% of the population are over 55.

Just put it down to experience, make your excuses, and maybe wheel out your tale of woe over a cathartic glass of wine with your friends later. That's something in the region of 20 million fish in this particular sea.

And even if your days as a 24-hour party animal are behind you, what have you got to lose?

You might find love, and at the very least you may have some fun!

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People don’t seem to believe me although I express myself very clearly. She’s ready to dive right into the dating pool, and more power to her.

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