Deal breakers men dating

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Deal breakers men dating

I once ended a date with a man who told me he hated reading and, within minutes of meeting my current boyfriend, I had already asked him what book he had last read.

Let's face it: Nobody can love every single thing about people. Of course, some people do have kind of weird deal breakers.

Listen and speak when there’s a gap in the conversation.

Don’t let a few drinks to loosen you up turn into a full-blown bender.

Maybe it’s because she doesn’t think your tie matches your shirt, or that she loudly talks about how little she thinks you earn, but whatever the topic it shows a real lack of respect for you. While it’s important for couples to spend quality time together, it’s just as important for them to have their own lives outside of the relationship.

Otherwise, what will you have to talk about at the end of a long day (together)!

Calling out men for their lazy choice of shoes is what Plunge are calling "the ninth wave of feminism." After all, when we spend hours waxing, plucking, scrubbing and tonging – the least they could do is not put on a pair of winkle-pickers.

Bad footwear is just one of the items on a groaning list of deal-breakers that I am surprised to find my friends have when it comes to dating.

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If you need to check your messages you can do so during a discreet loo break.

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