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If you want a great phone for a bit less money, keep reading our Galaxy S7 review.

and Samsung Galaxy S9 - see how much you'll need to spend on your contract at our best Galaxy S7 deals page, and expect the price to fall even lower as time goes on.

The corners are more rounded, and the aluminum frame that's sandwiched between the front and rear glass is less obtrusive, with less of an overhang than its predecessor.

That means there is less metal against your skin, which initially makes the S7 feel a little less premium than the S6, but once you've got used to it you'll find it's still a stylish presence in the hand.

The metal and glass doesn't offer much in the way of grip, but because the phone is better positioned in the hand I felt like I was less likely to let it slip compared with the i Phone or S6.

The size, shape and general design of the Galaxy S7 means it's easier to hold and operate one-handed too.

The Galaxy S9 features an even more powerful chipset, a new screen that means almost the whole front of the phone is a display and there's a new assistant technology called Bixby.

That gives you dimensions of 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9mm – and it's that last number which is the most interesting.If you're looking for the curved phone variant of this design, the Galaxy S7 isn't competing as closely with the Galaxy S7 Edge as the S6 did with the S6 Edge, with the curved display variant getting a bump in screen size this time round, taking it more into phablet territory.Samsung's latest main flagship phone is the Galaxy S9 and you may want to buy it instead of the Galaxy S7.Returning to the rear of the Galaxy S7, the square camera bulge is still there, but this time around it's less protruding.Samsung has managed to flatten its snapper considerably since the Galaxy S6 – it's now down to just 0.46mm, and while it's still not flush with the body of the S7, it's far less volcanic.

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Even though there's the newer Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, it's hard not to like the Galaxy S7.