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Datingsite etno

Rainwater therefore had to be captured before it disappeared in karstic underground, and stored for the dry season.

Wells and cisterns were built for storage of the precious water.

Defensive fortifications of drystone (stone walls without mortar or other binding material) known as GRADINE (hill forts) were built in the Bronze and Iron Ages on rocky hilltops and prominent Velebit ridges.

They served as shelter for the populations of the surrounding hamlets when danger threatened, while some may have been permanent residences inhabited by powerful locals.

Before the construction of waterworks, potable water was scarce in the villages of Velebit’s maritime slope.

Ample quantity of rain falls from autumn to spring, but there is a long draught in summer.

George in Rovanjska, a town located approximately 10 km from Starigrad-Paklenica.

Ethno-house Marasović is located in hamlet Marasovići, close to the entrance in the National Park Paklenica in Starigrad-Paklenica.

A roughly contemporaneous fortress of a similar type is located 15 kilometers to the west, at Sveta Trojica near Tribanj.

They were built to protect shipping that passed through Velebit Channel, and to provide protection and refuge to the local population.

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